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Dedicated to Quality and the Environment

Product excellence is the guiding principle of our goal of customer satisfaction. Each Interphase employee will listen to their customer and do everything possible to satisfy them. Interphase Corporation strives to achieve excellence by:


We will commit the talent, effort and resources, both personally and as a Company, to make each of our products fully satisfactory to our Customer

Continuous Improvement:

Pursuing continuous improvement for our services, products and procedures


Communicating with our internal and external customer, understanding and meeting their needs

Creativity and Innovation:

Fostering an environment for innovation for every Interphase employee


Certifications of Interphase

Environmental Policy

Interphase Corporation, specifically the Manufacturing and Operations Facility, will strive to:
  • Produce high-quality, environmentally-sound electronic products
  • Provide an uninterrupted supply of product to our customers in an environmentally safe manner
  • Obey all laws, regulations, and other requirements applicable to Interphase
  • Prevent pollution
  • Ensure the safety of our personnel
  • Continuously improve the environmental management system

Interphase Quality Certifications

We at Interphase feel that quality processes extends well beyond the design and manufacturing flow. We use rigorous quality certifications to continuously drive total quality improvements throughout the business. Interphase is proud to be ISO-9001:2008 Certified.
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